Simply Stephanie

Simply Stephanie

Monday, August 1, 2016

My Little RPG

                 Well, here he is folks! No need to beat around the bush.                    

 This is what I've been up to lately. Our little RPG (yes, those really are his initials). He's a little over a week old and weighed just shy of eight pounds. He's my sweet, little guy. 

How's his sister taking this, you ask? 

Well, she loves her little brother. Maybe a little too much sometimes. This is what we call a "squeeze hug", and she hasn't quite learned that little brother is too small for the squeeze hugs. All in all, I think she's taking his arrival quite well. She's a little attached to me right now, but can you blame her? She just went from having all the attention to having to share it...with a boy.. 

Now, that RPG is here, life is picking back up again. It's been nice to be home and relax for a while, but we are excited to start back up traveling again in the next couple of weeks. Between now and December there won't be a whole lot of down time, but that's a good thing in the life of a missionary! Here's the big question though. How do you fit two adults, two babies, everything you might need for babies, and over a months worth of clothes and belongings into a tiny little Ford Fiesta?? 
Challenge accepted!


  1. They are both incredibly adorable! Can't wait 'till I can "squeeze hug" them both!

  2. You have beautiful kids that's for sure! Can't wait to hear about your exciting travels over the next few months!