Simply Stephanie

Simply Stephanie

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Adventure Begins

     We have started our first adventure in the missionary life. Three weeks in Brazil for a survey trip.  I was nervous as this day approached. Trying to remember to pack everything we would need for three weeks, not to mention making sure we had everything we needed just to get on our flight since the airport was two hours away from home.

   The day we left, I felt very confident, especially when my husband would say "Make sure we have the..." and I had already packed it.  He gave me many compliments that day about how I had it all together. We left the house and headed for the airport.

   At the airport, it didn't take very long to get bags checked and get through security. We got to our gate with no problems whatsoever. The first flight went to Washington D.C., and then we had a connection to Miami, and then on to Brazil. The first two flights went perfectly, not one single problem. "So, where's this adventure?" You may be asking...

   The flight from Miami to Brazil is where it all happened. We didn't have a long layover at Miami to begin with, but our flight ended up being 40 minutes late!! Once we got off the plane we had a whole 15 minutes to get to our next gate.... on the other side of the airport. Yep, we ran all the way. We were the last ones to the gate. And when i say last ones, I mean they were shutting the gate to start preparing for take off. Hubby got to the gate just in time for them to hold it for us to get on. Once we got on the plane took off not five minutes later. Finally, off to Brazil!!

   But it doesn't quite end there.... From all the running, and stress, and the fact that he had eaten a very large bacon cheeseburger not long before, my husband got pretty sick on this flight. Air sickness isn't something he had ever had to deal with before, but it hit him hard this time. On top of being sick, about half way through our flight, a woman two rows in front of us suddenly starts yelling at the passenger next to her. She was yelling because the other woman, who was her mother, would not wake up. They called for a flight attendant who came and started to shake the woman and tap her face and still this woman would not wake up. They paged for a doctor on board and two came back to our aisle to help this woman. Did I mention that the woman and the doctors only spoke Portuguese and the flight attendant and all the medical equipment were only English?? Needless to say, it was definitely and interesting little pow-wow there in the aisle.

    So as not to leave you hanging, the doctors did wake up the woman, and after she vomited for quite a while, she seemed to be doing much better. Not sure exactly what happened, but I did hear something to the effect of blood pressure medications and some wine at the beginning of the flight, which may have been the cause of the whole episode.

   Definitely an interesting beginning to our adventure...and we hadn't even made it into the country yet. I'm sure it only gets better!

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  1. These are the kinds of stories you hang onto to tell your children. And it's not like it's the first time you've had to run through an airport. Remember when we left for Uganda? Me and all six of you kids and our luggage running through the airport, while your Dad had to take a different route because he had to clear some issues up back at the ticket counter. Must be a family tradition. : )