Simply Stephanie

Simply Stephanie

Monday, May 30, 2016

Playing Catch Up

Let's see.... where to begin. A lot has happened in the last... oh, that's not good, ten months?!? Yes, I guess it has been that long. Well, let's start at the beginning.

       Last August, we were commuting for hubby's job during the week and then going four hours to our church on the weekend. We also went to New York that month for his grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. Fun trip, but it ended with a seventeen hour one day trip back home. It wasn't too bad, but it was definitely a long day. In September we had our first official missions conference in Ohio. It was exciting to finally be doing what we had been working towards! Then, the end of October we packed up and moved so that we didn't have to make that commute every weekend. The first couple of months of deputation were mostly at home with hubby calling churches to schedule meetings, but in January things picked up. We have been going pretty steadily with meetings since then.

                                                                   Meetings have been slowing down for the summer, but that's mostly because of this...
       That was at 20 weeks, I'm now 33 weeks and our little one is due in July. We weren't expecting to have another one so soon, but God had other plans for us. We are very excited about our second little one, and we can't wait to meet him in about seven weeks!!   We still have a few meetings between now and then, but they're mostly local and I won't be doing anymore travelling till the little guy gets here.

                                                                                                           What of our other little one, you ask??

               Well, she's 14 months old now, and she definitely keeps us busy. This is her favorite little spot at her uncle and aunt's house. She's not just walking, but climbing, trying to run, and talk. She's a very vocal little one, and her personality has been coming out quite a bit lately. The other day, hubby and I were working in our office at home, and she started to get very upset. We turned around and realized that she was getting mad at a piece of paper that wasn't doing what she wanted it to do. As we laughed, I told my hubby that it's a girl thing; sometimes we just get mad at inanimate objects.

      Anyways, I think that about catches us up. I'll try not to let ten more months go by before my next post. Until next time!